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June 19, 2017 – Kevin Young

This lovely book is one I chose because it was selected by Lucille Clifton. It is a book that is a part of the National Poetry Series. He also has accolades a mile long, one being that he graduated from Harvard University. I am so excited to finally have access to poets of color that are unknown and incredibly gifted.
Day 19: MOST WAY HOME by Kevin Young
















(for A.L.)
She read nothing but hands
the color of tea leaves, the Crow
from her daddy’s side giving her wild
strawberry skin and a house
on the edge of browntown. She
spent Saturdays blessing brides,
unwrapping card from red scarves,
spoke surprises into henna
hands, whispering the heart is just
a line crossing the palm and love
love is knowing how to clutch it,
when to let go. Long after you crossed
her unmapped hand with silver, long
after taking the back of a lover’s hand
or finding the raven’s path home
your wings kept time to the fist that is
the heart: pounding, fleeing, reaching.
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