June 18, 2017 – Al Young

A Poet's Life

June 18, 2017 – Al Young

I came across this book purely by accident and had no knowledge of who the poet is. As I perused the book, I found a refreshingly lyrical and down to earth kind of poetry. It wasn’t until after I began reading the book that I did some research on the author and was amazed at the list of accolades he has, one being that he was the Poet Laureate for California! This book is a fabulous read!
Day 17: HEAVEN – COLLECTED POEMS 1956-1990 by Al Young
















So is there life on you, moon?
Some mystics say yes & most
scientists say no. What do
you say, moon of moons?
Is there any life on you?

How about inside those rocks
of yours? Are you sure
there isn’t some microscopic
form of mini-seeded life-
in-embryo embedded or pillowed
in the dandruff you harbor
by all your dead and tranquil seas?

It’s fun to talk about, all this,
but academic, you must admit.
I look at you & know you’re partly me.
For now, that’s life enough.
Stay Tuned…#365daysoftransformation