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January 8, 2017 – Mastering Manifestation

jan-8Project what you want to collect – MANIFEST.

So, yes, I’ve read the books, watched the videos, even gone to a few seminars to better understand how it all works. The concept stuck and I would try to implement it here and there, but honestly, it was very task oriented and grueling to try and maintain the state of mind proposed.

I decided as I began this journey that I would try a different kind of manifestation. Yes, there is positive thinking involved, a degree of faith, a dash of hope, and the belief that all will be well, however, what I’ve added is the incentive to create change through my own actions, decisions, and choices. I’ve often sat back wondering why my life has taken certain twists and turns, and have resided in the belief that I was unable to change or control things. Though I still have to go through certain life trials, I now see them as a challenge for me to step up and redirect my path.

The main concept moving me forward now, is the idea that love, compassion, and empathy for myself helps me to better deal with others, which then changes the actions, decisions, and choices I make. That in turn changes the outcome and direction my life will take.

I’ve been practicing this for eight (8) days now and it’s just bordering on miraculous how different I feel and how much my life has shifted into a positive place.

Stay Tuned…#365daysoftransformation

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