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January 27, 2017 – The Education Rush

AwardI love learning!

One of my greatest disappointments was not being able to attend college after graduating from High School. I was not an A student, but I pretty much managed about a 3.5GPA. I had made plans with my best friend, Sue, for the adventure of a lifetime. We were going to attend Pima County Junior College and then Arizona State or University of Arizona. I knew most of my fellow graduates would be attending school in Texas or Pennsylvania, but I always wanted to be that person outside of box.

On February 12, 1976, my dad paid for my school’s annual ski trip, which always fell on my birthday, February 14th, and when I returned on the 18th, my life had been drastically altered. My father left our family with a new woman in his life, went back stateside, and took my college money with him. My mom was a wreck, my seven year old brother was confused, and I was very angry. As life has it, mine took all kinds of twists and turns and school became a pipe dream.

After my heart attack (a story for a later time) in 1998 at the age of 39, I made the decision to attend school. I registered at St. Petersburg Junior College and I’ve never looked back. I realized after my very first class period that I was and always would be an education junkie. I love the feeling I get when learning something new and applying it for a fabulous end result.

It’s been a year since graduating from UT with my MFA in Creative Writing and I’m already jonesing to be in the classroom again. I’m definitely not ruling out a PhD.

Making the decision to attend College and University came at a high cost, but I will never regret having made the decision to do so.

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