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January 23, 2017 – Can I Stop Running Now?

the roadI’ve had this pattern of needing to escape when things seemed hopeless.

My last road trip took me from St. Pete to Naples, Florida. I’d been talking off and on for at least five years about leaving the area for many reasons.

I felt I’d become stifled as a writer, I was working through some broken friendships. and dealing with the ever present reality that I was constantly asked to perform at events, but never getting paid for my craft. I’d convinced myself that moving to a new location would help me to delve back into my writing and enable me to establish myself as an artist that should be paid for my services.

I’d tried over the years to make a move happen, Naples, Nashville, San Francisco, Chicago, and Portland, Oregon. I was sure my creative destiny awaited me.

So, on December 9, 2016, I packed up lock, stock, and barrel and moved down to Naples where I would be staying with a friend I’ve known for over 20 years. I set my mind to finding a teaching job, but primarily taking the time to work on my one woman play. After all, the things that were bogging me down would no longer be an issue – new place, new mindset.

It didn’t take long to realize how quickly and easily I created barriers to keep me from doing the things I had set out to do. I encountered new issues that were inevitably attributed to me not writing, not focusing, etc. It didn’t take long to realize that the familiarity of my surroundings was an important part of my happiness and comfort. Running was no longer an option as it had been for the past 20 years. Everything I need is inside of me, everything I accomplish is because I believe in myself. Location has nothing to do with it, determination, dedication, sincerity, and faith in my abilities as a writer are but a few of the components that provide the platform for personal growth and success. I have an incredible sense of peace knowing that I’m staying put and completing the projects I’ve been shelving over the years. I’m actually excited about the prospect of completing them.

Stay Tuned…#365daysoftransformation

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