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January 2, 2017 – Releasing Fear


Day two was dedicated to eradicating the one thing that has loomed over me from a very young age: FEAR.

I learned at the ate of seven how to go into survival mode when faced with abuse. This ability to protect myself has lingered on me like a second skin for 51 years. That little girl is the strongest person I have ever known. No matter how dark the closet she hid in, there was a light inside of her that kept her breathing. In times of crisis, that little girl has emerged and helped my grown self overcome whatever was happening. Unfortunately, my grown self had embraced fear like a cocoon that is not a gateway to the butterfly, the new life, rather a cocoon that is woven with the strongest commitment to survival.

I made a decision recently that goes against everything fear driven. I now stand, staring at my reflection in the mirror, and realize how much it took for me to do that. It enabled me to finally shed that thickened skin, and realize the only fear that might now exist, is the idea that I would let anything but faith, hope, and belief propel my life forward. I killed my fear, tossed it into the ocean, baptized my feet in the salty water, and when I emerged, the skin I wore could breathe at last.

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