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January 16, 2017 – Labels

jan-16Our society is built upon labels and categories, or caste systems. These inhibitors are in place to define us as individuals and assign our place in society. I loathe that concept. We are a combination of experiences and ideas that create a comfort zone when we are around other people.

I’ve often wondered if humans can exist without such intense structure. Can we function and thrive in a society that is not hell bent on putting each person in a category in order to better know how to interact with them or even judge them?

I sat down today and wrote a list of all of the labels I’ve been given and all of the categories I have been placed in. I was blown away by how many there are. Some of the categories seem logical, and yet, I wonder if no one knew a thing about me, how would they know where to place me?

For the next several weeks I have decided to write about these categories I have been assigned to by society, and attempt to shed the idea that the label which put me there has anything to do with who I really am.

Though I’ve touched on some of these things in my poetry, in light of my objective to go through this transformation, I felt it was time to reach beneath the veil and use a verbal scalpel to cut myself free from the bonds of societal definition.

Stay Tuned…#365daysoftransformation

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