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It just took that last figurative stab…

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA‎I’m going into 2013 with a new set of deeply rooted convictions.

1. Understand the reality of human nature – as I’ve often heard lately from those that look down on your misfortunes, „it is what it is.“ Not at all true. It is what you make it. Those that want to control for their own wants and desires are hollow and devoid of empathy.

2. Love the self – only you can understand the individual and unconditional sense of love you need. Allow yourself to feel it.

3. Embrace the journey you are on – it is designed for you to create change in the world and to revel in a sense of personal accomplishment that is for the good of the whole as opposed to for the good of the self.

4. Release expectations that people will think and feel the same way you do – selfless as opposed to selfish leads to personal fulfillment. Those that surround you with their perceptions of „caring“ for their own gain, lead you to believe you must accommodate them in order to feel loved and needed.

5. Realize that circumstances change, relationships change, but negative people inherently remain self absorbed and want you to fuel that narcism. You do not have to give of yourself if it makes you uncomfortable and no apologies are required for that conviction.

It is the release of ego that enables us to remain true and committed to understanding that what we feel and how we process it should never be dependent upon another’s actions or words. That is unhealthy empowerment. What we feel and how we process it has everything to do with believing in the ability to shape our personal universe into a place we feel positive and productive in. That is healthy empowerment.

That is all.

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