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It could be worse

Okay, I’m sure not many of my readers will be surprised at what this post is about, however, in light of something I read on Facebook today, there will be a bit of a twist on it.

Yes, I’m addressing the Oscars.

I did not watch it live, I chose to watch it on Hulu and definitely did not watch all of it. I kept throwing up on my mouth a little bit.

Let me just start by describing my view of Seth McFarlane. He creates cartoons for adults. His repertoire is a bag full of characters and caricatures that tap into the uncomfortable side of real life. I see this flesh and blood man in much the same way. He is a caricature. I felt he appeared rather stiff and uncomfortable in big boy clothes with a grin plastered on his face and continued pauses when his diatribe did not elicit laughter. Frankly, he didn’t know how to handle the many bombs he delivered. Kudos to him though for his success. I’m not hating on him at all.

Now, as for the misogynistic ramblings of this man…I wonder how much of it came from him and how much came from the writers. Did he appear at times to be reading cues? If it did come just from him..shame on his shitty sense of humor. If it came from the writers, well, I expect that because it’s the media at it’s lowest, which seems to be a rising trend.

A boob song…well, ’nuff said there, I’ve ranted about that already. Reaction from some of the women in the audience…well, ’nuff said there if you saw it.

Sally Field…I’m blown away at you lowering your standards to this level.

I’m not quite sure how the Academy Awards went from honoring great actors and actresses…okay, I need to digress for a moment…I’m not sure who or what the determining factor is about „best“ but I do know people of color and women are not high on the „best“ list. I’m sure it was a noble idea when it began, but think about who started it…

Okay, back on track. I’m not quite sure how the academy awards went from honoring great actors and actresses, to being a display of bad humor, bad acting, bad hosting, and the list goes on.

As for race…well, why not throw a joke out there like:

When Daniel Day Lewis (Lincoln) was walking around the lot did he feel the need to free Don Cheadle. (paraphrasing) Umm did I miss the humor in that joke?

…and…the last thing, the twist.

I’ve seen posts all over social media sites questioning people that are incensed by the Oscars display.

Here is the argument across the board.

There are people starving, people dying of diseases, war, poverty, crime, etc., etc., etc. Why make such a big deal out of this.

Well, let’s try this explanation…

Man has lost an arm.
Woman has lost two legs.

We now look at these two people and tell the man he’s an asshole for complaining because the woman next to him has lost both legs. Does that really diminish the fact that the man has ONLY lost one arm.

Sooooo…With all of the horrors in the world, why would one complain about something as trite as misogyny and racism?

Oh, and William Shatner…I don’t even know what to say about that.

Enjoy your day!

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