I stopped trying to be a white girl

The moment came when I just decided it had to go.  I was a slave to it.  Every time I planned a night out, I had to dedicate at least an hour and a half to it.  What really sucked was when the Florida humidity got ahold of it.  Instant Chia Pet.

It has changed color through the years, mostly a mood thing.  How silly is that, since it’s actually kind of permanent until enough time has passed to remove it?  It’s been long, short, spiky, bone straight, parted, and pulled back.  Daily cleansing was required in order to use the array of implements necessary to keep it straight.

The chemical infusion when done at home gave a mediocre outcome, so it was always best to get it done professionally to the tune of $60.00 a pop.  The first few days were heaven, then the inevitable rain came along and created immediate anxiety.

Don’t even get me started on how much I spent on product.  I’m sure I could have paid off my car by now.

So, the day came when I realized I wasn’t born with follicles on my scalp that would produce this over processed, product laden, blow dryer, hot iron, and curling iron manipulated look naturally.

My hair grows out curly, gets nappy, and is likely this way because I’m the product of an African American and German alliance.

Now…I have to learn how to take care of what naturally grows out of my head and apparently it isn’t as easy as it looks.
14 Common Mistakes of Afro Hair by Joy Phido

That is all.