We need to have IT.

Food, shelter, human interaction, love, empathy, a sense of self worth and the knowledge that we are not alone. Most of us lack something in that list. We are so busy seeking the other IT that we forget the importance of our basic needs for our incessant wants.

Yesterday, I went to the MALL. I will say, in the aftermath of the apocalypse when zombies are roaming the world, it’s where I would want to be holed up. The MALL. What a concept. Everything consumerists can obtain to make them feel better about whatever may ail them. Interesting thing is, I saw very little cash in the transactions I witnessed.

What better shackle to keep us in the grips of the herd mentality this country thrives on, than a plastic card that until it’s maxed can give us all of those things we go into debt for. Inevitably you have to pay it back, but like any drug, the rush after a purchase, negates the “coming down” of having to come up with cash eventually.

Brand names. Brilliant people! Brilliant strategy! So when is the last time Dolce and Gabanna or Prada came to hang out with you? When’s the last time you could call Alexander Wang or Vanessa Bruno when you needed help with a sick child? Why is it so imperative to wear something that has these people’s names sewn in it? Who are they to you? Why do you feel your status in life will change because you wear these items? Don’t you still have to slave at a 9-5 to afford them? I have friends that design clothes and they have a strong foundation of connecting their clothing lines to organizations that benefit society. Commendable. You know who you are and I will always support you.

I have this habit of digressing as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now.

So, the MALL.

I went for a specific item at a store called Urban Outfitters. Cool store. Filled with useless stuff, but cool nonetheless.

I was looking for a bookstore…no luck. Of course. Why on earth would we need something as unprofitable and useless as a book store? Who the hell has time to read anymore? Well, we do have those electronic devices, and yes I own one too. But long gone is the love affair and sensual interaction with the written word that inevitably came along with browsing a book store for hours. Well, it’s a love affair for me anyway, because I am a writer and I love to read.

As I meandered through the very high end shopping mecca, I noticed the high end stores, with high end names, and high end products, that I certainly couldn’t afford. None of it was needed in my world, however, something happened. I found myself beginning to feel deprived and depressed as I saw people walk by with their designer shopping bags (long gone are the days of just getting a plastic or paper bag for your products. Now you have a bag that assures anyone walking by you that you’re on top of things). I found myself standing outside of the Apple store, salivating at the idea of owning a new Macbook. Tears welled up in my eyes. I felt like the world was unfair, because as a writer, I saw that as a need.

I knew I had to get out of there before my brain imploded from the very successful venture these shopping arenas have achieved.

We walk in, see all of the things we want but can’t afford, feel badly about it, and by the time we exit the vacuum of self flagellation for not being more successful and financially capable of buying shit we don’t need, we are defeated.

I can see that vacuous look in the eyes of the drones that will work twice as hard to earn a buck so they can come back to the MALL and support the BRANDS that create a sensation of having arrived.

I walked out with my two purchases, totaling $30.00 and wondered what I would have to do to replace that part of my rent money.

Welcome to the hell of a consumer. Welcome to the MALL…