I have a vagina, deal with it…

I seem to have missed the memo about women being less than worthy of respect and fair treatment.  How is it that in the year 2012 we are even more deeply steeped in a patriarchal society that negates the value of a woman as a human being?  Why do this country’s politicians believe the world can function without females?  Our rights have been and continue to be minimized to a level even lower than our four legged friends.

How is it possible that the forceful and brutal sexual assault on a woman should be punished by anything less than a severe enough consequence to discourage that kind of behavior?  Attaching any kind of humor to this experience is an indication of just how apathetic our society has become to this horror.

How is it possible that our politicians want to obliterate organizations like Planned Parenthood that function to assure a rapid and required diagonsis of female cancers that would inevitably be fatal if untreated?  Is there really a foundation of justification that these organizations contribute to abortion, which is deemed as murder, and should therefore be removed?  That entire concept is an oxymoron.  Denying health care to women who can die from female cancers is a more clearly defined definition of murder.

How is it possible that a child could be forced into sexual slavery and then punished for using whatever means necessary to liberate herself before she is emotionally and physically destroyed?  How the hell is it that our legal system could be so skewed as to take away a child’s freedom because of archaic ideas of right and wrong?  Do we really need to focus on statistics in determining that the unjust punishments handed out to victims is determined by color and economic means?  Should their ethnicity or lack of a financial portfolio determine whether they are punished for a crime that any one of us would commit if it meant life or death?

How is it that the objectification and degradation of females is an acceptable norm this far into our evolution?  The days of being dragged into the cave by our hair should have vanished when we stood upright.  Now women struggle to fit into a mold created by industries that base their sales on advertising campaigns focusing on female anatomy and sexuality.  Why not put us in yokes and shackles, parade us around the town square, and further perpetuate the idea that we are something to be owned.

Far beyond the fact that we are designed to reproduce in order to keep our species going, we are also extremely intelligent and greatly contribute intellectually in continuing to keep the species going after we create life.  To deny the fact that women are an integral part of the equation that keeps us going is paramount to understanding that women are the flesh and blood that has birthed the world.  Yet, we are not wholly defined by a womb and a vagina.  That is the only part of us that is the differentiation from males.

To those patriarchal institutions and politicians out there, grow a vagina so we can be on equal ground.  It’s the same concept as walking a mile in my shoes…you have no idea what that journey is like until you live it.

That is all.