Encased, then broken open

Whenever I think of something or someone transitioning, the mental picture of emergence from a place floats into my mind.

Peas from a pod, produce a sweet vegetable.  A caterpillar from a cocoon, creates the beauty of a butterfly.  A bird encased in an egg, gives birth to a majestic eagle.  Well, you get the gist of things.

Somehow when I envisioned my escape from the shell that held me captive in a dark and desperate place, I imagined the emergence would be a visible transition.  I also imagined that once the emergence took place, it would be an end all and a new beginning.

It is an end all.

…and it is a new beginning, but like the real start in life, I have to crawl before I can walk, run, and thrive.  The term rebirth is very real.  It really is starting all over in discovering who I am.

That is all.