Embrace the gift…

Artists are an interesting bunch of souls.  We drift in and out of each other’s lives, touching minds, encouraging ideas, and above all else, creating symmetry in a world that often feels tilted off it’s axis.

Once ego is removed, vanity is disposed of, and the bare bones of embracing one’s talent and passion has been accomplished, the idea of who we are as contributors to the arts becomes clearer.  I grew up wanting to be a singer, but honestly outside of a few good notes here and there, I sound like a nickel dropped on a tin platter.  However, every time I hear someone sing it touches my heart.  I hum that song in my head and feel like it’s mine.  When I hear someone perform a poem that makes me shake my head, snap my fingers and say, “oh yeah” it’s my poem. When I stare at a painting that is imprinted in my mind through my eyes, I held the brush.  When fingers fly across guitar strings like hummingbirds drawn to nectar, I played that song.  Do all of these things and love what YOU create for yourself.

Rather than feel like you don’t have the gift you want to share with the world, envelope yourself in what is around you, appreciate it, revel in it, then step into your personal universe and share the passion that is in YOU.  Express yourself through your strong points. Rather than trying to emulate someone you admire, forge your own path and set the world on fire.

That is all.