Don’t sit on the grass…

So…back in the day when parks were made, they were a destination for families to gather on a Sunday afternoon for picnics and tossing a ball around.  I know, it’s a very Rockwellian picture, however, one that I’ve seen more of in these hard economics times.

I was just reading some news on the Net, which I don’t liked to do often, especially on a Sunday afternoon, and saw an article about a law that has been passed in Clearwater, Florida stating that sitting or lying down in a park can lead to a fine and/or possible jail time.  That’s right, a law has been passed that will make you a criminal if you SIT in a park.  Clearly, the law is designed to prevent homeless people from squatting, but…REALLY?

I cannot wrap my mind around this.  How far will local and national government go to continue pushing us into these little boxes of conformity that can be neatly placed upon shelves to perpetuate a herd mentality?  How long will it be until thinking for yourself will be illegal and punishable with imprisonment?  Oh wait, isn’t that how Russia used to run things?

That is all.