Dedication, Stupidity, or Survival

One of the things about being a worker drone has always intrigued me throughout the years.  How many people go to work, besides myself, when they are clearly sick?

Dedication?  Do you go to work when you are sick because you are dedicated to what you do for a living?  The idea that your job can’t survive without you for one day, maybe two if you’re really sick, is irrational and based on conditioning.  We are taught early on to drag ourselves to work no matter what illness has befallen us.  Bosses are either trained or born with the ability to make an employee feel guilty and selfish for staying home to get better.

Stupidity?  Do you got to work when you are sick because your just to stupid to think about the long term effects of bringing your germs to work.  I have bee in office environments with people that clearly should not be around others.  Between the coughing, wheezing, and nose blowing, you have now infected everyone else in the room.  This creates the infamous crud.  Whatever you had will now go around the office indefinitely.

Survival?  Do you got to work when you are sick because a day of no pay could put you in a serious bind?  I feel this is the case for most of us.  I know one day of lost wages form me could create a ripple effect that would set of a serious chain of events.  How sad is it that as working people we could fall into an abyss because she didn’t make out 70-80 dollars that day?  Being sick is seen more as a slight hiccup in how productive you might me on that day.  Unless I’m on a gurney I’m faithfully punching the clock in the a.m. to make sure I can pay my electric bill.

I guess for me it’s a little bit of the three put together.  Whether I like my job or not, I’m dedicated to it.  I’m stupid enough to think a tissue and my hand over my mouth won’t spread my germs, and I’m definitely reliant on every day’s wages.

The sad part is this comes in to play when people’s children are ill, a family member dies, or a life crisis happens.  Sometimes I feel like child labor from decades past has simply shifted to every working person that has no health insurance, employment representation, or other means of support.  Being a part of the system, a worker bee, a corporate drone, is what our great country is relying on for future growth.

Hmm.  Really?

That is all.