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Day 17 Gratitude

I am so very grateful for having had the opportunity to engage in a fun and challenging activity today.  It was amazing! I was a part of something extraordinary. I participated in the Pretty Muddy 5k Run with Obstacles.  After volunteering to help with check in, I was pretty excited to get to the starting line with my team.  We were part of the 11:15a.m. group. The five of us were at the front ready for takeoff.  When we got the okay to go I started out running.  I wasn’t sure how far I could go, but I ran for quite a bit before stopping to continue in a brisk walk.  The obstacles, though challenging, were a blast and I alternated between walking and running the rest of the way. I finished the run with my team, slithered my way through a pit of mud to the finish line and felt such a sense of accomplishment at having completed the course!

Quote of the day:
„Push yourself beyond your self imposed limitations and watch your life take on new perceptions of what you can do.“ ~rml~

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