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Daily Gratitude

GratitudeYesterday when I got home from work, I noticed that my landlord put a mini blind in my kitchen window. I requested it because the sun shines through my window and makes it quite hot in my apartment. I was so glad she put up the blind.

This morning I walked into my kitchen to open the blind and fussed about the three slats that were broken off on the end. My inner dialogue kicked in when I asked myself why I didn’t get a brand new blind and why the Landlady would give me this broken one. I didn’t immediately take into account that the window is an off size and finding a blind was likely very difficult for her. I didn’t take into account that having a custom made blind would likely be very expensive. I stopped myself and had the necessary dialogue. I have a blind. It cuts back on the heat. I have a decorative curtain that covers that spot so it’s really irrelevant. I have much more important things to focus on.

Broken blind = First world nonsense.

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