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GratitudeHow does one really define gratitude?

Is it being happy about our jobs?
Is it being in love?
Is it giving birth to a healthy child?
Is it having fame and fortune?
Is it having good health, a long life?
Is it…

I suppose we could fill in the blanks for ever with one thing or another, because gratitude is relative. It’s different for everyone.

For me, gratitude is a state of mind. My brain never stops. There are always what feel like a million things going on at once and though I can accomplish things and multitask with the best of them, for me it comes down to the idea of having even five minutes of „mind peace.“ No thoughts, no problem solving, no stress or worries…just five minutes of silence. Today I had that for almost 15 minutes while doing yoga. Today’s gratitude is to the powers that be for giving me that gift.

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