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Startseite / Flashes Of Gratitude / DAILY GRATITUDE 11/18/13


GratitudeToday was a day chock full of things to be grateful for. Despite having a rocky start to my day after therapy, I pulled myself out of the abyss I often like to dwell in and realized I am just in another place of transition.

What I am most grateful for today is that my financial aid went through so I will now be able to attend my MFA Creative Writing in Poetry Program. I decided to put my full belief in the idea that the Universe will bring what I need because this is my calling. Bang. It came.

I’m grateful that I get to spend the next two years honing my writing craft in the genre if poetry which really is my first love. I know it can and will lead to other things, but I really look forward to working with some amazing instructors and students!

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