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Startseite / Flashes Of Thought / DAILY GRATITUDE 11/16/13


GratitudeI could write volumes of gratitudes today! I spent the evening with some of the most powerful and impacting women and men I’ve ever met. All life difficulties aside, all ego aside, all differences aside, these women and men, these survivors and advocates came together for an evening of empowerment and reaching out to those that are just beginning their journey toward healing. We shared music, dance, poetry, art, stories, and an overall creative environment of safety, understanding, compassion, and nurturing. We hugged, we said I love you, we dedicated things to each other, and above all else we came together as a united force against abuse and rape. We stood strong and shared that strength through tears, laughter, and unity.

I can never really express how grateful I am to be a part of such a strong warrior community.

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