Customer Service is a lost art…

Whatever happened to businesses catering to their clientele in order to keep a positive rating, as well as repeat business?

Night before last, two friends and I went to Madeira Beach to see the Jeremy Thomas Band play at the Daiquiri Deck.  Mind you it’s quite a drive from downtown St. Pete.  Our intention was to enjoy the music, celebrate some Cinco de Mayo and then hit the beach to take in the awesome moon.  When we got to the door, we were advised there was a $3.00 cover charge.  My two friends had exactly that amount, but I didn’t have cash.  I kindly asked the guy at the door if Jeremy had arrived yet and he looked at me dumfounded and said, “I don’t know who that is.”  I looked back equally dumfounded and said, “He’s part of the band playing tonight.”  I then asked if I could run in real quick thinking I could hit Jeremy up for the three bucks and just pay him back later.  The doorman looked stricken and said “hold on, let me get someone.”  He proceeded to come back with a waitress and I had the exact same conversation with her.  Now I have encountered two people that have no idea what is transpiring in the establishment they work in.  At this point, the waitress says, I’ll get the General Manager.  Now, people, really?  I’m trying to get into a bar not the White House.  The GM comes out and is just as clueless as the other two, the only difference being that she had a chip on her shoulder.  I asked her if I could run in and she looked over her shoulder and said, “he’s already on stage.”  Okay, pissed off now seeps under my skin.  I’ve just spent about 10 minutes haggling with these people, which means he was not yet on stage.  In the end, I walked away shaking my head while this GM is looking down her nose at me.

We did end up taking a nice leisurely stroll on the beach and then hit up Taco Bell for a late night snack.  It was a wonderful evening shared with friends but I did revisit the entire scenario from earlier and though, I’m just one person and I won’t make or break a business, however, I will never frequent that establishment again and I will never plan an event there or suggest my friends go there.  I dealt with three employees at the Daiquiri Deck and not one if them felt the need to accommodate me as a paying customer.  Did this GM think I was going to enter the establishment and leave my friends standing at the door, only to be swallowed up and never again found in the cavernous dwelling that is called the Daiquiri Deck?  Would my $3.00 really make or break the business?

That is all.