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Cleansing by fire. Baptism by water

I went through a cleansing and healing process that will forever hold a special place in my personal Universe.

My newfound friend Becca gave me an exercise to help me release my demons. After answering three pages of questions, I came to the part where I had to list the people that have caused me pain, write them a letter of forgiveness and let it go. Releasing my past has been difficult and holding on to it has held me back in a lot of ways. After doing the exercises, I joined Becca and Daphne outside at the fire pit. We talked a bit about how I felt and then I made the decision to throw the letters into the fire and embrace a future without the pain, sadness, and anger that had motivated me through the years. I can’t even being to describe how liberating it was. Afterwards, Becca had me write on a sand dollar and wrap it up. Part two of my transformation was to take place the next day.

On Sunday morning, Becca, Daphne, and I went to Boca Beach for a workout and a continuation of my life cleansing ritual.  The waves were crashing against the shore, it was warm and breezy, and an overall beautiful day.  Phase two had me holding my sand dollar, releasing the negative words I’d written onto it to the Universe, and bringing to me the good things I wanted in my life from the Universe.  Becca then told me go to the water and throw the sand dollar in.  One of the main things I wanted to let go that day was FEAR.  I took that first step by walking into the water almost up to my waist (a huge step since I DO NOT go into the ocean past my ankles) and threw the sand dollar like a skipping rock. Becca came out and joined me and just as we were turning to come back in, I was hit in  the back end by a wave which almost pitched us both over.  I ran out of the water laughing, turned around and yelled, „I get it. The Universe is kicking me in the ass and telling me to believe!“

After working out with bands and taking a walk on the beach, we were headed back when I was stopped in my tracks by an event that was occurring.  Three men were standing in the water, robed in white, with a younger man, also robed in white.  They were praying over him and then dipped him backwards into the water. It was a baptism. I was blown away, as I felt I had just gone through the same type of experience.  Once it was over and the men came out of the water, I walked up to this very dark skinned bear of a man, asked him if he was a reverend and when he replied with a yes, I asked for a hug.  He hugged me and enveloped me like a blanket. I felt such a sense of peace. He then bent down and proceeded to whisper in my ear, words I could not understand, then released me. I felt like a bolt of lightning went through me and then a total sense of peace overcame me. I smiled and thanked him, he smiled and blessed me and I went to meet up with my friends. I can’t ever really find words to describe the impact that experience had on me, but suffice it to say, the whole thing changed my reality.

My gratitude to Daphne for inviting me to come along and Becca extending a hand in friendship is beyond words.

That is all.

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