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October 12, 1973

Dear Diary, I got up early this morning so I could get ready.  My Afro is huge.  It’s so thick that the pick sticks in there with no problem.  This look is far out. When I got to school, I […]

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October 11, 1973

Dear Diary Hi again.  I talked to Latoya today.  She was cool, but I don’t know if she likes me.  After school I went to the store and spent my allowance on black stuff.  I bought a huge pick that […]

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October 10, 1973

Dear Diary, I’m not really sure what I want to tell you.  It’s autumn, my favorite season, I just ate dinner and I have homework.  This is stupid isn’t it?  I bet you want to hear some other stuff.  Okay […]

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October 8, 1973

I don’t know how to handle what’s going on in my head.  My friends don’t understand what’s happening either.  I know I’m different in some ways, but I think they like that about me. Being 15 with a black dad […]

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It began in earnest with a 15 year old’s diary

I’m sure most of my friends won’t really remember this brief time in my life.  Some will and will look back with smiles and some laughter.  Some will say it never happened, because it was so brief and time does […]

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Wandering through a black and white world…

They smiled and said, „you have an Angela Davis fro“ I smiled and said, „groovy, man.“ After school I ran home and shouted, „Dad, who is Angela Davis?“ „A rebel,“ he responded. „Cool, I wanna be like her.“ „Really?“ „Yeah […]

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