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Daily Gratitude 11/4/15

As I departed from home and headed to Sanibel for Writer’s Conference, I marveled at how far I’ve come as a writer. The idea of spending four days surrounded by writers and instructors that will share their energy with me […]

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Daily Gratitude 11/3/15

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to be a teacher. It is so gratifying to be able to watch the creative process in young people and be an integral part of shaping it.

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Daily Gratitude 11/2/15

Today I am grateful for many things. I will have the opportunity to meet my favorite poet and an incredible person, Patricia Smith, during my final MFA Residency in January. What a way to end two years of amazingness. I […]

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Where have all the poets gone?

I had a conversation a few nights ago about my frustrations when viewing poets and their very hard earned words in comparison to other artists. I live in a city that is very focused on the arts. On any given […]

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Daily Gratitude 11/1/15

I have made a habit of writing down my gratitudes for 30 days once a year. It’s not like I lack gratitude the rest of the year, it’s just a time to reflect. My first gratitude is for the blessing […]

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Navigating through the moments…

I awoke this morning to a myriad of emotions and thoughts rolling through my mind. * I’m three months away from completing my MFA Program. It has been one of the greatest rushes of my lifetime, but not for the […]

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Compartmentalizing Tragedy

Well, here we are, another year has passed and we are posting on our social networking sites about 9/11. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from not being empathetic, but I started to think about how this all works. I […]

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How much time have you actually spent sitting in a silent place and letting your mind run free? We are so conditioned from day to day on putting one foot in front of the other to follow a predefined track, […]

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The past 24 hours have been a time of reflection and decision making. I have dedicated a tremendous amount of my time over the past 7 years helping, promoting, and encouraging my fellow artists. I have a profound sense of […]

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Embracing Life!

Hello All! As difficult as it is for me to ask for help, I have reached a critical juncture in my life that requires the aid of family and friends. I was recently seen by an Oral Surgeon who confirmed […]

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