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Day 11 Gratitude

I am grateful for the people that support me as an artist.  Last night I was overjoyed with the turnout for my book signing and performance. The new people that have entered my life again made me grateful to know […]

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Day 10 Gratitude

I was grateful to have a day of rest and relaxation after a long week.  This down time gave me the ability to stop and reflect on recent decisions and endeavors.  I also embraced the idea that despite having had […]

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Day 9 Gratitude

I am grateful for what Mother Nature provides that nourishes our bodies.  Today I purchased two weeks worth of vegetables that I will be juicing, making soup with, and eating raw.  It feels good to return to eating things that […]

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Day 8 Gratitude

I am grateful for the bountiful joy that is my life.  There is nothing I cannot accomplish and achieve.  Every step I take, no matter what direction I go in, leads me to a level of higher consciousness of what […]

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Day 7 Gratitude

I am grateful for the power of manifesting the things I need in my life.  As children we enjoy a time filled with magic.  We don’t question it or deny it.  As we get older and life begins to force […]

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Day 6 Gratitude

I am grateful to have met my obligation as a voter in my country.  Despite the many months of tension, in the end the people have spoken.  Not every country’s people have the rights to be as involved in the […]

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Day 5 Gratitude

I’m grateful for every morning I open my eyes and greet a new day.  When we go to sleep at night, we take for granted we will awaken in the morning, hence, we take for granted many of the blessing […]

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Day 4 Gratitude

Today I took some time to reflect on what I have in my life.  It’s never about comparing what I might or might not have, or if my life is harder or easier than someone else’s.  Each of us live […]

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Day 3 Gratitude

Today I voted for my choice of President of this country.  Standing in line, talking with others there to do the same thing, I realized just how afraid we all are of what is happening in our country and our […]

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Day 2 Gratitude

After spending a week in an after school program with the children I spent the summer with, I was grateful for the loving and caring reception I got from them.  I realized I made a difference in their lives.  I […]

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