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Day 21 Gratitude

I am grateful for a week off of work.  I need the rest! Quote of the day: „Be grateful for the abundance in your life. Also be grateful for the time to regenerate and create more abundance.“ ~rml~

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Day 20 Gratitude

I am grateful for the amazing weekend I had.  I am grateful for wonderful friends. I am grateful that we got home safe. I am grateful for every day of life I’m given. Quote of the day: „Gratitude should never […]

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Day 19 Gratitude

I am beyond grateful for the experience I had today.  It was magical to say the least.  The weather was perfect, the company divine, and the sense of peace enjoyed.  This is a beautiful world we live in, and if […]

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Day 18 Gratitude

I am grateful for having another day with this incredibly kind and caring woman I met just two days ago.  It’s amazing how the universe provides what we need when we most need it. Having time away from home, from […]

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Day 17 Gratitude

I am so very grateful for having had the opportunity to engage in a fun and challenging activity today.  It was amazing! I was a part of something extraordinary. I participated in the Pretty Muddy 5k Run with Obstacles.  After volunteering […]

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Day 16 Gratitude

I am grateful for the road trip I’m about to take with my friend to Boca Raton.  We are going to meet a new friend and participate in a 5k run with obstacles and a side of mud. I’ve never […]

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Day 15 Gratitude

I am grateful for the new surroundings I created.  I’ve been fluctuating for quite some time on whether I wanted to stay in St. Pete or move somewhere else for a while.  My reasons were many, however, a big part […]

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Day 14 Gratitude

I am grateful that through the lessons I’ve learned about eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise that I was able to avert becoming more sick than I did.  One day of fever, sore throat, stuffy head, and body aches […]

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Day 13 Gratitude

I find it interesting that despite feeling ill with some weird flu bug, I still find it in my heart and mind to be grateful.  I am grateful for the friend that was willing to drive over 30 miles to […]

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Day 12 Gratitude

Today I am especially grateful in realizing how many people care for me.  Oftentimes we feel alone and challenged by the world around us.  When friends show you rather than tell you how much they care about you, it makes […]

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