Breaking through the glass ceiling…

This is an experiment. I have been watching movies about nutrition and health and watched one yesterday about diabetes. Seems only about 10% of diabetes sufferers are Type 1. The other 90% that are Type 2 should not be on insulin. That is a drug that makes you gain weight, primarily in the belly area, which is the hot zone for diabetics. With proper nutrition and exercise, diabetes can be reversed in Type 2 cases. Giving people insulin is just one more way the doctors can shuffle you through the system and the pharmaceutical companies can profit. Much of the same applies to people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure issues arise as we get older and they are a package deal, especially for post menopausal women. Beat one, you can beat them all. Doctors don’t really ascribe to working through these solutions because meds are generally a first response. I’ve seen that first hand. Reaching out to others that want to change the course of their health and life longevity is the best recourse.  Connecting with vegetarians, vegans, people knowledgable about organic food, and those that have knowledge about various exercises are the best bet for bringing the body and mind back to a healthy state.

Yesterday I prepared myself for the journey I am about to undertake.  I realized I can’t be shy about my stats because that is part of what I’m sharing with my readers.  I took a photo of my mid section yesterday and have it on my laptop as a constant reminder of what I’m trying to accomplish.  I would like to provide a different kind of hope and inspiration.  Being diagnosed with reversible conditions is not the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a new life.  I’m close to my second anniversary of being smoke free, so it it time to start the second leg of the journey.  Come along with me and maybe it will inspire you to take the leap if it’s something you need to do.

Of course it is equally important to work on the mental well being while making these changes.  Find something you are passionate about and pursue it.  Feeling good about what you are achieving is important. In my case it is time to venture back into the skin of the writer I am.  I finished my Masters and seemed to have laid down my pen at the same time.  I just couldn’t find the motivation to get back in the saddle and ride like the wind.  It wasn’t so much writer’s block as it was just plain lazy.  I’ve broken through that barrier as well and am eager to get things rolling again.  54 years into life, and I’m just getting started!

Day 1:
BP 108/77
Glucose 117
Weight 152.4 pounds
2.29 mile walk- thats a loss of 181.7 calories
About to have breakfast and work on the Cougar book.
Another walk and hooping tonight!


That is all.