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Battle gear

It’s time…


In less than a month I will be turning 55. I’m not scared. I’m not freaking out. I’m not putting a foot in the grave and waiting to die.

Quite the opposite…I’m going through a rebirth.

In light of this wonderful transition, I’ve had to release some pretty powerful demons. They have tried like hell to hang on, fighting tooth and nail to keep me down. I had to laundry list my shit to make it seem real. Once I did that and the reality slapped me in the face repeatedly, I came to an understanding that I was fulfilling a purpose in this life, and as much as I sometimes feel it sucks, I’m grateful that I have been strong enough to persevere so I can reach out and help others.

I’ve been reading this friend’s page, which he has shifted into a platform to share the horrors women are going through.

Emotional abuse
Sexual abuse

REST my fellow warriors. Your day will come.

SWORD…(Understand this is not an everyone or all depiction, but the fact that it’s even out there…well)

For some reason as our evolution has progressed, we as a species have regressed. Not only are we a violent and warring nation, we breed and harvest serial killers, child abusers, rapists and murderers, because we don’t have the services required to help people with emotional and psychological issues.

We support a political system that functions on deprivation in order to control. Yes, we vote for these people and continually justify the fact that they do NOTHING for our survival and well being. We are not far removed from the days of powdered wigs, knee highs, and high heeled shoes on the MEN that ran this country. Irony…they call that gay today.

We are surrounded by a legal system that is corrupt and systematically tears down people of color and lower economic status. Our police force has gone rogue in believing they are the end all in deciding how to enforce the law, not excluding beating to death, shooting. and sending electric currents through their victims.

We have stricter laws for computer hacking than we do for child molestation, rape, and domestic violence.

Our country’s women and children have become collateral. We have gone back to the dark ages when we were used for sexual and domestic enslavement. We are still expected to give up our own identities, starting with our names when we marry, and our children and possessions when we divorce.

Question…how far from slavery are we really? Irony…modern slavery has no color, gender, or economic boundaries. We are ALL in this together and we ALL have the means to make it change. Everyone on this planet has a way to create that change.

Mine is my pen…

What is yours?

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