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Fuck yes, you’re getting a rant about STUPIDITY today.

Just because this broad is too old to get pregnant does not mean she should display her ignorance in such a blatant way.

If she was the victim of rape, the worst that could happen is she contracts HIV or wants to kill herself because she has lost her self worth. Oh, but wait that’s pretty fucking bad, isn’t it?

Let’s add pregnancy on top of that, but again that wouldn’t come into play for her.

It happened to me and is to so many others. It is DEVASTATING! On top of the emotional and physical invasion of someone that was not allowed or given permission, people who have no idea how destructive this experience is to a woman, try to dictate morals and ethics that take away our choices.

This is by far the biggest stretch I have seen to date. EVIDENCE. You moralistic nutcase. You’re speaking from both sides of your mouth. When was the last time you checked how the evidence chain works?

At the end of the case, if the victim does not want their “EVIDENCE” back, it is destroyed.

So, I’m curious, what does one do with this “EVIDENCE?”

Do people like her really think they are exempt from being potential rape victims.

Okay, put that aside for a moment shall we?

As my friend Masa pointed out, let’s extend this idea to all crimes.

If you get shot, you may not seek medical attention because you are evidence. Hold on to that bullet until the trial.

If a drunk driver hits you and destroys what was a healthy productive life, don’t get medical attention until the case is resolved (several years later) because you are evidence.

Where would it end?

How damn ridiculous does this woman sound?



I’m sure right now, not a lot of people want to own up to that faux pas.

She’s an embarrassment to humanity and a useless meat sack sucking up oxygen she doesn’t deserve.

Just saying…