Are you the observer or the observed?

“If you are content with observing life instead of living it, you will never make a difference…” ~rml~

Observe: 1. Notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant.  2. Watch (someone or something) carefully and attentively.

It isn’t until recently that I began to ask myself just how significant what I do as a writer is. On the radio show, that I host with a friend, we have recently had guests that share a vast amount of information on how to succeed, no matter what the endeavor.

After last night’s show with Kristen Eckstein, I walked away with a solid conviction of how to change my path as an author. She was truly an inspiration and a motivator in stepping up to the plate and swinging the bat. In the past I’ve received responses to my poetry books that focus on surviving issues like incest, rape, domestic violence and changing misogynistic behavior in society. There were days when I opened an email or got a phone call telling me I’d saved a life, because I provided a ray of hope.

That response is why I wrote those words, straight from the gut. Somewhere along the way, I shed that writer because those around me that “knew what would provide financial security,” convinced me I should venture down other paths with my writing. One friend in particular told me that I needed to change my tune, because it was time to “get over it and move on.” I assured him, I am over it, but thousands of other women out there aren’t and if I can give them a lifeline, well then dammit, I’ll continue to be the starving but sated writer.

I am making the choice not to observe my life and mold it to what other’s think it should be. I choose to be observed and even if I am judged, whether positively or negatively, if I touch or save even one life, I will have achieved what it is I set out to do.

That is all.