An awakening from blindness…

Day 2
BP 110/76
Glucose 102
Weight 150.4 pounds
2.34 mile walk- thats a loss of 185.7 calories

Last night’s walk did not come to complete fruition.  While strolling around the lake I came upon a wounded Ibis.  It couldn’t stand up.  I knew if it worked its way into deep water it would drown.  I pondered about what to do since I’m actually afraid of birds with big beaks.  I called my friend Jimmy who lives around the lake just a few streets from me.  I told him about my dilemma and he came right away.  He waded into the water, captured the bird and we drove to my place.  I grabbed my cat carrier and we were off to the bird sanctuary and rescue on Indian Rocks Beach.  We dropped it off and hoped for the best.  I felt like I’d given some small contribution to nature.  I was rewarded for that today on my walk.

Near the end of my fourth lap, I decided to sit for a few minutes in the shade of a young tree.  As I gazed out at the lake this thought came to mind:

“The sun kissed the water and created a visual like a million diamonds floating on the surface. Not diamonds created from brethren’s blood, but diamonds created from the kiss of nature.  If I could place that upon my finger, I would know the meaning of a pure and mutual love.  Give to nature and she gives back.”

I also noticed some rather interesting people lounging around the lake.

  • The thin, old black man with puffs of curly gray hair sprouting from his ears like stalks of ancient knowledge, resting. His head back, eyes closed, mouth open like a silent scream as he sleeps and forgets that his life put him on the streets.
  • A middle aged woman in a Sunday best dress, straw hat firmly placed atop her tight gray curls, silently sings a church hymn.  I stood in reverence for a moment, because the pain on her face was the antithesis of the joy in her voice.  Despite her life, she still carried the belief in her god deep within her heart and soul.
  • A homeless couple laying in the shade, sleeping, holding each other through the storm of their lives.  They struck me as a modern day Snow White and her prince.  A gaggle of ducks lay resting at their feet, squirrels sat nearby, unafraid of their presence, and the small green parrot-like birds that dwell around the lake perched nearby on their cart.  Though society has forsaken them, nature still sends her blessings.  Ah yes, how much humanity could learn from the mother of all creation.

That is all.