A sense of entitlement…

A word to the wise, the world owes you nothing. Everything you have, everything you accomplish, and everything you call your own has to come from diligence, hard work, and dedication to the self, to family, and to your community. Things will not ever change in this ever growing backward spiral of humanity if that isn’t realized.

I work with kids every day that have such an overblown sense of entitlement that it scares me to think about how they are going to handle the real world when they are in it.

The level of self-respect one has when they look at their personal universe and say, nothing was “given” to me…I earned it should be at the top of the list of personal attributes.

I heard some words years ago about not being given something and I almost made a decision that would have dramatically altered the life I have today. I certainly would not be a writer and that is my life blood, and an important part of my reason for my existence. Thank you, Ned!

That is all.